Fetish objects of art

Citation Type. Janus masks are found in most of the societies, including the Night society, but are primarily associated with the Cross River masks of the Royal, Leopard and Challenge head-hunters societies. The Problem of the Fetish, I. Ovi Web Advanced Search. The Longfellow insightful and devastating comment on Voltaire's criticism stands on its own and as it was to be expected it was conveniently side-stepped, for indeed to deal with that issue honestly would mean to have to admit to bias. Plate 16 A Challenge mask during a dance.
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Fetish Objects

Popularized in anthropology by C. Part of a series on. What Karl Marx critically anticipated in the 19th century, with "The Fetishism of Commodities and the Secret thereof", Guy Debord interpreted and developed for the 20th century—that in modern society, the psychologic intimacies of intersubjectivity and personal self-relation are commodified into discrete "experiences" that can be bought and sold. William Pietz , who, in , conducted an extensive ethno-historical study [2] of the fetish, argues that the term originated in the coast of West Africa during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Atlanta: Scholars, , p. National Museum of African Art.
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Commodity fetishism - Wikipedia

Philosophy Economic determinism Historical materialism Marx's dialectic Marx's method Philosophy of nature. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Tylor and McLennan, historians of religion, held that the concept of fetishism fostered a shift of attention away from the relationship between people and God , to focus instead on a relationship between people and material objects, and that this, in turn, allowed for the establishment of false models of causality for natural events. For other uses, see Fetishism disambiguation. The spectacle transforms human relations into objectified relations among images, and vice versa; the exemplar spectacle is television, the communications medium wherein people passively allow cultural representations of themselves to become the active agents of their beliefs. The proof of this interpretation lies in the possibility of a person's being a religious believer, despite being aware of commodity fetishism, and being critical of its manifestations; toppling the Golden Calf might be integral to one's religiousness, and such iconoclasm would lead to opposing all manifestations of idolatry.
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Commodity fetishism

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Description: The economist Michael Perelman critically examined the belief systems from which arose intellectual property rights , the field of law that commodified knowledge and information. Europeans often called nkisi "fetishes" and sometimes " idols " because they are sometimes rendered in human form. In the book In Praise of Commercial Culture , the neoclassical economist Tyler Cowen said that despite the cultural tendency to fetishes and fetishism, the human fetishization of commodities goods and services is an instance of anthropomorphism ascribing personal characteristics to animals and objects and not a philosophic feature particular to the economics of capitalism or to the collective psychology of a capitalist society. The spectacle is the form that society assumes when the Arts, the instruments of cultural production, have been commodified as commercial activities that render an aesthetic value into a commercial value a commodity.

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